Slut Puppy


Sometimes Daddy calls me his slut puppy. Funny how that’s a term of endearment in our relationship. I love it when Daddy gives me nicknames.

On Saturday morning Daddy started calling me that and I knew he wanted to play with me. A lot.

Daddy fucked me all sorts of positions throughout that day, doggystyle is our favorite though. It feels so good, him entering and stretching me from behind while he pulls my hair.

After the third time of Daddy cumming that day, we decided to keep going and seeing how many we could fit in the day. We ended up with five.

I just love when Daddy can’t keep his hands off me and randomly takes me to the bedroom because he wants to play with me.

Daddy also licked my pussy and used the wand on me. I love the wand! It vibrates like crazy and never fails to make me cum! In fact, it usually makes me squirt! When Daddy first got it I wasn’t so sure I would like it, but the first time he used it on me it made me it made me scream! Daddy also used the wand on me when we went to a hotel for my birthday and he made me squirt all over the balcony at night.

Anyways, I love being Daddy’s slut puppy ♥

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30 Days of Kink – Day 3

Day 3: How did you discover you were kinky?

I’m sure like many people, I first discovered kink on the internet of course.

I always loved reading and writing, especially romance novels. So naturally I stumbled upon a great site for amature writers to post their erotica etc. called Literotica. (I have a few stories posted on there). Browning through their categories I noticed BDSM. That was when I was about 15 and I had never heard of it before so I was curious. I clicked on it and read a few stories and instantly decided I liked it and that’s what I wanted in a relationship.

After that I kept doing more research on the internet and discovered new things. Fetlife opened up a lot of kinks to me as well.

Ever since that first click on the BDSM category though, I was completely hooked to kink, haven’t stopped thinking about it since haha.

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I am a spoiled babygirl 

I know I’m a spoiled babygirl!

My Daddy really does try to make me happy in almost every way possible. Some might thinking being in this type of relationship means it being all about your dominant/Daddy but it is just as much about you.

Just the other day Daddy & I were at the grocery store shopping for dinner stuff and we happened to be in the cold dairy isle and I spotted my favorite cookies! Those little sugar cookies with different holiday designs on them. As soon as I saw them I said, ‘oooh Daddy look bunnies! Can I get these?’ Daddy said he didn’t mind. That made me so happy. Spoiled little girls love getting what they want!

Then we were in the drink isle, and I  asked Daddy if I could get my favorite Apple juice. He said yes, to get it. J made sure to tell him thank you because I knew he was getting me the things that I wanted.

Daddy also said yes to going next door to the Irish pub to have a drink before goin g home and making dinner.

Daddy does a lot of things for me and I love him for taking such good care of me.

That is also the custom collar Daddy had made for me and surprised me with! I’m such a spoiled little girl.

My Daddy is the best 🙂

Sometimes Daddies can be Babies too…


There are days, every so often but they happen, where I can tell my Daddy needs to be held instead of me. Days where I can see the stress and lack of energy on his face. Day’s where I know he needs to be taken care of.

Last night Daddy came home, after a long day of work and a long drive home in traffic, and he found me in bed (probably looking at WordPress). He instantly got on the bed and laid his head on my tummy, looking for me to rub it i’m sure, so I did. I know he loves it when I rub his head, I know it comforts him. I knew Daddy was in one of those moods where he didn’t wanna be assertive with me, he just wanted me to help him relax.

As soon as Daddy laid his head on my tummy my inner little comes out and with that, what we like to call my ‘baby voice’. I could tell he wanted to be taken care of and I just had to call him ‘my little baby’, which he didn’t protest.

On our way to the grocery store that night, Daddy wanted me to drive, which I never do when i’m with him. I figured he was tired of driving after the hour to and from work that day etc., so I drove. During the drive, he laid his head on my shoulder again and we held hands. I love that he can be so manly and dominant most of the time, but then he has that soft side hidden until he lets his wall down and shows me it.

Daddy and I cuddled as best we could on the ten minute drive to the local grocery store, but before we made it I had to joke with him… I asked him if we were ‘switching’ now, if I was the one in charge now… He lifted his head off my shoulder and looked at me with that look Daddy gives me right before I get in trouble… Just to reassert his dominance, even in just a small way, he told to touch the ceiling of my car with the tip of my finger for the rest of the ride. I giggled, but I did it. My arm got tired but I kept the tip touching. I felt his control over me, the control that I gladly give Daddy.

Moral of the story… Sometimes Daddies need to be taken care of too, don’t neglect or reject that.

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30 Days of Kink – Day 2

Day 2: List your kinks.

Well like I said on Day 1, Daddy & I are into various aspects of DDLG, BDSM, D/s, & Domestic Discipline.

I would say we connect most with DDLG. He is my Daddy & I am his babygirl.

As far as listing what we’re into… It’s almost endless and we discover new things we want to try all the time, but I will try to list the major ones…

  • Toys: butt plugs, vibrators of sorts, nipple clamps, rope, collars, etc.
  • Punishments: spanking, corner time, etc.
  • Power exchange: my Daddy is always in charge.
  • Humiliation: (we won’t go into specifics haha but it has a lot to do with urine)
  • DDLG stuff: binkies, little girl outfits, stuffies, etc.

    Picture from here.

    30 Days of Kink – Day 1

    Day 1: Dom, sub, switch? What parts of BDSM interest you? Give us an interesting in-depth definition of what that means to you. Basically define your kinky self.

    I’ve seen this on a few blogs and thought it mind be fun to try.

    Well I am, first and foremost, my Daddy’s babygirl. I think we would mostly identify as a DDLG couple (we’ve decided that strict Domestic Discipline  wasn’t for us). We use different aspects of BDSM, D/s, and Domestic Discipline in our relationship.

    We naturally started calling each other Daddy & babygirl when we first got together before we had heard of DDLG. We stumbled upon DDLG on tumblr and we instantly identified with it and took our relationship further into it.

    Ever since I stumbled upon BDSM on Literotica, I knew it’s what I wanted in a relationship. I knew I wanted the man to be in control and I be submissive to them. It just always seemed right to me to have a man in charge.

    I have never had a serious Kink relationship until I met my Daddy. We are very happy together and our Kink life continues to grow with each other. At first, I was afraid to tell him all the things I was into, but once we got more comfortable with each other we found that we liked the same things. We try different rope, toys, anal play, spanking, punishments, etc. We’ve explored a lot of new things together and continue to do so.

    I love my DDLG relationship with my Daddy!

    Picture from here.

    Yes, Daddy!

    Daddy says I must always tell him yes,  never no.

    Daddy says no matter how silly, gross, or embarrassing it is… I must say yes. He might only be joking or testing me and not actually have me do that thing, but I gotta tell him yes every time.

    I definitely find this hard to do. I usually forget that he told me that he’ll be testing me so I’ll start to say no then remember. I start to giggle at what he’s telling me to do, knowing he’s just testing me and that’s why it’s silly, but no matter what I must say Yes Daddy.

    Rise & Shine

    Daddy loves when I pleasure him in the morning.

    It’s usually when I’m still sleepy and only half awake and he moves my hand lower down south to let me know what he wants.

    I usually try to protest due to tiredness but I know I shouldn’t. I rather Daddy be relaxed before the long drive to work. I want to start his day off right.

    My hand will reach the hair on is tummy (that I love) then slowly reach Daddy’s soft cock. Since I’m still half asleep I pet it lazily and try to stroke it in my hand. I can feel it start to come alive. Grow to it’s full length and girth in my small hand.

    I’ll probably start to doze back off so Daddy will grab my hand again and start moving it. My eyes open again and he grabs my head and pushes it lower.

    He holds his cock for me and puts the tip in my mouth while I gently suck it. Daddy likes it when I use my hand too, either to stroke if up and down or massage his balls. I’ll start to suck his cock down deeper and make sure to use my tongue.

    Either Daddy will have me keep pleasuring him with my mouth or he’ll have me get the massage oil.

    Daddy loves it when his cock is dripping with slobber or some type of lube. We have warming massage oil we usually use.

    I take Daddy’s yummy pink cock in my hands and make a twisting motion while I stroke it up and down. This is his favorite.

    I love seeing Daddy lying there naked with his eyes closed enjoying his sleepy pleasure in the morning. The way he starts to breath heavier when I go faster and starts twitching a bit when he’s getting close.

    Daddy is so sexy. I think that every time I see him. How much I love waking up to him.

    After he cums he gives me a kiss and says I love you babygirl and goes to work, leaving me like a good pet, longing and waiting for my Daddy to arrive home.

    Picture from Wiki.

    The Secret Playroom

    Deep in the woods lies a secret room where little girls come to play.

    ‘You’re late’, is all he says when I arrive at the cabin over a half hour later then he told me to be there. I knew I was in trouble by the look on his face. He usually looks at me with such adoring eyes. At the cabin though, his demeanor changes. This is where I am expected to obey his every command.  Where we lose ourselves in the freedom of being completely alone together and where our true nature escapes. 

    I could feel the warmth coming from inside the open cabin. He steps aside as I enter, closing the door behind me.  Feeling the heat already rising inside me. Not knowing whether it was from the fire, or my little wet pussy that had been aching since I started the two hour long drive to the cabin.  I couldn’t stop thinking, imagining, what Daddy was going to do to me in his secret room. I was always his babygirl and he loved to make endure his torture, just as much as I loved it.   

    The cabin was a simple candle lit cozy place out in the cold dark woods.  It had an open layout with a small kitchenette, a fireplace with wood stacked near it, and a king size bed. I could see the rug was still covering the spot on the floor where the hidden doorway was to Daddy’s secret room, as we called it. I remember the first time he showed it to me, having waited so long to finally see it.  I was scared but it gave me a rush to know this man that I loved could do anything he wanted to me but I trusted him to keep me safe. I knew that I would gain as much pleasure as he would. He had all sorts of toys down there in that basement, some things I had only saw in my kink filled wet dreams. He had built the cabin, and secret room, just for me. Our relationship had really evolved since then. Our natural ‘Daddy & babygirl’ dynamic coming to life here in the cabin in the woods.   

    ‘You know how disrespectful it is when you’re late and leave me waiting. How hard is it to follow simple directions?’  

    ‘I’m sorry Daddy. I’ll do better next time’. 

    ‘You always say that, yet you always seem to manage to disrespect my wishes again. Take off your coat, I want to see what’s underneath. Maybe putting on what I had laid out for you was an easier task than getting here on time’.

    Daddy always picked out my outfits for the cabin. This time he had gotten me a beautiful black corset with matching crotchless black panties.  Complete with thigh high black leather boots. I was ordered to wear that and only that, covered in my long black coat. I had my make up done and hair curled, I loved feeling sexy for Daddy.  

    I slowly unbuttoned and pulled open my coat revealing my pushed up breasts and slimmed waist from the corset. I dropped my coat, knowing he is observing me from head to toe. He’s so attractive in every way. Tall, handsome, with a slight beard. Beautiful blue eyes and so sexy in his black shirt, jeans and work boots.  He knows how much his babygirl loves this look. He’s always so confident and is much bigger than my 5 foot self. He intimidates me and I love it. 

    He casually walks closer to me, getting so close I could feel his breath on my ear, ‘Good girl’. That was enough to make my pussy ache harder than ever and make my breath heavy!  He hadn’t been letting my touch myself before this and I was dying to feel him! I hadn’t cum in ahwile.   

    ‘You’re soaking wet babygirl’, he says as he slowly slides one of his fingers between my crotcheless panties and pussy lips, slowly carressing my clit. He pulls away his fingers pushing them to my lips until I open my mouth and let them in. I begin to suck my juices from his fingers until he is satisfied. He walks over to the rug and slides it away, revealing the wooden hatch in the floor. He opens it and I can see candlight flickering down below. I hesitantly make my way over to it and look down. 

    ‘Get in Daddy’s secret room’, he says and with that I follow blindly down the stairs after him knowing I wouldn’t be coming back up. A long the walls of Daddy’s secret room hang ropes, floggers, canes, gags, and other assorted toys.  There is a large bed in one corner of the room and waiting at the end of it is our black box of toys. I notice something new in the middle of the room. Something that looked to be a handmade stock, one of those midevial prison devices the locked your head and hands between the wood as you bent over. Meant for public humiliation and punishment. This one had a another set of poles where it bended you at the waist to keep your ass in the air.  I was nervous but the thoughts of being trapped in that made my pussy ache even more. 

    ‘I made that for you’, Daddys says as he catches me gauking at it; ‘Come here’. 

    ‘I don’t think I want to Daddy’. He harshly grabs me by the hair and yanks me to the device. Opening it up and forces my wrist and neck into the slots in the woods. My waiste bending over the second pole forcing my toes off the floor. I’m slightly fighting, but this is all part of the game and he knows it too.  He knows I will surrender to him but the forcing me to do something is what really gets me off. Daddy closes me in and padlocks it shut.  I feel so open and exposed with my ass and pussy forced in the air. He ties my ankles to the second set of poles forcing them open. 

    ‘How does it feel babygirl? Knowing that I can do whatever I want to you and there’s nothing you can do about it’. ‘I-I-I love it Daddy’. ‘Of course you do you little slut’. 

    With that he gives my ass a hard spank causing me to yelp. He was silent until I heard our toy box opening, frightened at the thought of what he was grabbing. A couple more minutes of waiting in anticipation and I feel something cold touch my asshole. It was lube. Daddy was going to put something in my ass! 

    ‘Daddy I can’t take it in my ass!’ 

    ‘Oh but you’re going to. Don’t worry babygirl this buttplug is going to loosen you up for Daddy’s cock’. 

    I didn’t like the thought of getting fucked in the ass without being able to stop it if it hurt but I loved when he refered to himself as Daddy, and him forcing me turned me on so much. 

    ‘Relax baby’. I could feel the tip of the buttplug start to enter me slowly. Started to stretch my asshole open. There was resistance and he slowly starting fucking me with it. ‘Ooooohhh’, a moan escaped my lips as the thickest part of the buttplug stretched me before completely entering. It felt good to have it in there, finally set in place. 

    ‘Now considering you were over 30 minutes late tonight, I think you deserve 30 spankings with my belt. How does that sound hmm? Maybe it’ll teach you to have respect for my time’. 

    ‘No Daddy please! I won’t be late again’. I can hear him undoing his belt behind me unable to see him, I won’t know when the slaps are coming. 

    ‘Sorry little girls need to be taught a lesson when they can’t follow the rules’. *SMACK* ‘Ouuuuch Dadddy!’. 

    ‘Count, or do I need to do that for you, I may loose track’. 

    ‘One Daddy’. *SMACK* ‘Two!’ 

    This continued on variating between slaps and his hands rubbing and soothing my reddening ass. I could feel it getting hotter with each slap of his leather belt.  It hurt like hell but I could feel my pussy almost dripping as his torture continued. Be punished excited me, sometimes I would purposely disobey to get some spankings. He had never punished me like this. I was almost in tears by the 30th swat, I was never going to be late again. I should respect Daddy and his time, and I never wanted 30 more swats again.  I was going to have bruises and a sore ass later.  

    After, Daddy stood in front of me and bent down to kiss my forehead telling me what a good girl I was for taking his punishment so well. I was beaming with his words, so happy to please him. 

    ‘You’re gonna suck Daddy’s cock next babygirl’. 

    I loved sucking Daddy’s big hard cock, it was so yummy and pink with some tattoos on it. Being locked in the stock, I knew he was going to fuck my mouth and I would have to take all the length that he gave me without a choice otherwise. He removed his boots, socks, jeans and shirt leaving him in just his boxer briefs. I could see his big bulg right next to my face. He then took off his boxers revealing his hard cock to me. I licked my lips and opened my mouth like a good girl waiting for him to let me suck it. I teased him at first by sucking only the head until he realized what I was trying to do and starting thrusting his cock in and out of my mouth hard. He would slow down and force me to open my throat to let most of his length enter. I would gag before he would pull it out making me gasp for breath and the drool dribble everywhere. Daddy wiped the drool all over my face. He loved to do this to me, knowing I hate it and making me look like the dirty little slut that I am. 

    ‘Ahhh Daddy no’! 

    ‘Ohh does the little girl not like drool all over her face? Well that’s too bad’, he says as he shoves his thick cock back in my mouth. 

    ‘Let’s see if your little asshole has loosened up for me yet. Even if it hasn’t you’re still gonna take my full length in your ass tonight’.

    I shrieked at the thought of Daddys’s big cock burried deep in my poor little rosebud. He gently pulls the buttplug out of my ass and I can feel the emptiness it left behind. Not empty for long I feel his finger enter me. Followed by a second, he begins to finger my ass making me moan loud. 

    ‘You’re loosening up, that’s a good anal whore’. 

    ‘T-t-thank you Daddy’. He removes his fingers and pushes the plug back in. It goes in easier this time. I’m grateful he isn’t going to fuck my ass just yet. Daddy begins to tease my clit and pussy, driving me crazy. 

    ‘You’re dripping wet babygirl, you must like it when Daddy tortures you huh?’ 

    ‘Y-y-yes I do Daddy. I love being your slave’. I can feel the tip of his cock start to tease my hole now, barely going inside. I try to push back on it but it’s no use being locked in the stock. 

    ‘Please Daddy, I’m begging you. I need to feel you inside me, stretching and filling me’. 

    ‘This isn’t about you little girl, this is about your Daddy and what he wants’. With that he shoves his full gurth into my tiny pussy, stretching it open quick. 

    ‘Ahhhh Daddy! You’re so big’. 

    ‘You may be a little girl, but I know you like Daddy’s cock stretching you’. Daddy starts thrusting in and out of me. With him and the buttplug in, I feel so full and stretched. The feeling is overwhelming and makes me grunt with pleasure. He relentlessly pounds away at my pussy for awhile, varying the depth and speed of which he’s fucking me. I love every minute of it. 

    ‘Please, please let me cum Daddy?!’. 

    ‘Not yet babygirl, not until I say you’re alowed’. He keeps fucking me while I try to hold back my orgasm, I know he does this to torture me.  Knowing that I can’t hold of for long but will try because he told me to.   Right before I’m about to beg him to let me cum again he pulls out of me, leaving my pussy empty and used. 

    ‘No Daddy, please! I was about to cum!”. 

    ‘I’m sorry babygirl, you’ve been bad and you’re only allowed an orgasm with my cock filling your ass’. I almost start to cry at this, needing relief, before he starts to yank on the butt plug again. He comes out with a pop, making me blush, thinking of my asshole being slightly gaped open for him to see. 

    ‘Ahh babygirl you’re little asshole loosened up nicely. Are you ready for Daddy?’

    ‘NO DADDY! Please fuck my pussy again’. I start to feel the head of Daddy’s cock start to enter my ass.  ‘No daddy, NO!’ ‘Relax babygirl, besides no one can hear you scream in Daddy’s secret room’. I try to listen and relax my ass for him. He gradually starts to thrust in and out of me. I can feel my ass opening up to him against my will, allowing for him to go deeper and faster into me. Soon enough his cock is burried balls deep in my ass making me scream with pain and pleasure. 

    ‘That’s a good girl. Take Daddy in your ass baby’. 

    ‘Please cum in my ass Daddy, I wanna feel your cum inside me’. At this point I can feel an orgasm coming on from lack thereof one for too long. I can’t help myself, my body betrays me and starts to convulse around his cock. ‘That’s a good girl baby, cum on Daddy’s cock’. I’m grunting and moaning hard as my orgasm fades and Daddy’s cock is pounding my little asshole. Which has completely given way to him and takes his full length easily now. I know my ass is going to be sore tomorrow, in more than one way. All of a sudden he pulls his cock out of my ass. 

    ‘Mmm babygirl, your ass is gaping open for me a little, I think I should spit in it since you’re such a dirty anal whore’. I hear him spit and feel it slide into my asshole a few moments later.  Being humiliated and defiled like this make my pussy even wetter. He shoves his cock in and out of my ass fast, giving me his full length then taking it away again. I gasp at the feeling, my ass takes him easily. He repeats this a few times before continue to fuck me. 

    ‘Daddy’s gonna cum deep in your ass little girl’. 

    ‘Mmm please do Daddy’. He starts to thrust harder till I scream and suddenly he sinks in my ass completely and releases his cum into me. I’m breathing heavily and moaning with him as he empties his balls into me. Daddy slowly pulls his cock out of my ass and gives my bottom a slap. I then tell Daddy thank you for giving me his cum, and feel it drip out a little. He smiles and laughs before I feel him insert the butt plug back in my loosened ass, forcing me to keep Daddy’s cream inside me.

    Deep in the woods lies a secret cabin where little girls come to play.

    *This is a story Daddy had me write for him awhile back. Picture from Pixabay.*

    Love Jar ♥


    Last year on my Daddy’s birthday I gave him what I call a ‘Love Jar’. It has all our memories for that year written down on colorful little note papers. Each time we create a happy memory, no matter how small, we write it down and add it to the jar. We even add things like tickets to different things we’ve attended or the little shark teeth we’ve found on the beach. Daddy always finds me shark teeth!

    Every so often, mostly on special occasions, Daddy and I read over our good memories we’ve had so far. It makes us laugh and never let’s us forget all the amazing times we’ve shared together.

    On New Years this year we read through all our memories from 2016 and it made us both very happy. This year on Valentine’s Day I gave Daddy a new jar with a sparkly little heart on it with notes of our memories we’ve already had in the year 2017.

    I think this is a really cute way to remember all the happy memories throughout the years because we know how easy it is to forget the little things. I recommend this for other couples 🙂