Rise & Shine

Daddy loves when I pleasure him in the morning.

It’s usually when I’m still sleepy and only half awake and he moves my hand lower down south to let me know what he wants.

I usually try to protest due to tiredness but I know I shouldn’t. I rather Daddy be relaxed before the long drive to work. I want to start his day off right.

My hand will reach the hair on is tummy (that I love) then slowly reach Daddy’s soft cock. Since I’m still half asleep I pet it lazily and try to stroke it in my hand. I can feel it start to come alive. Grow to it’s full length and girth in my small hand.

I’ll probably start to doze back off so Daddy will grab my hand again and start moving it. My eyes open again and he grabs my head and pushes it lower.

He holds his cock for me and puts the tip in my mouth while I gently suck it. Daddy likes it when I use my hand too, either to stroke if up and down or massage his balls. I’ll start to suck his cock down deeper and make sure to use my tongue.

Either Daddy will have me keep pleasuring him with my mouth or he’ll have me get the massage oil.

Daddy loves it when his cock is dripping with slobber or some type of lube. We have warming massage oil we usually use.

I take Daddy’s yummy pink cock in my hands and make a twisting motion while I stroke it up and down. This is his favorite.

I love seeing Daddy lying there naked with his eyes closed enjoying his sleepy pleasure in the morning. The way he starts to breath heavier when I go faster and starts twitching a bit when he’s getting close.

Daddy is so sexy. I think that every time I see him. How much I love waking up to him.

After he cums he gives me a kiss and says I love you babygirl and goes to work, leaving me like a good pet, longing and waiting for my Daddy to arrive home.

Picture from Wiki.

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