Slut Puppy


Sometimes Daddy calls me his slut puppy. Funny how that’s a term of endearment in our relationship. I love it when Daddy gives me nicknames.

On Saturday morning Daddy started calling me that and I knew he wanted to play with me. A lot.

Daddy fucked me all sorts of positions throughout that day, doggystyle is our favorite though. It feels so good, him entering and stretching me from behind while he pulls my hair.

After the third time of Daddy cumming that day, we decided to keep going and seeing how many we could fit in the day. We ended up with five.

I just love when Daddy can’t keep his hands off me and randomly takes me to the bedroom because he wants to play with me.

Daddy also licked my pussy and used the wand on me. I love the wand! It vibrates like crazy and never fails to make me cum! In fact, it usually makes me squirt! When Daddy first got it I wasn’t so sure I would like it, but the first time he used it on me it made me it made me scream! Daddy also used the wand on me when we went to a hotel for my birthday and he made me squirt all over the balcony at night.

Anyways, I love being Daddy’s slut puppy ♥

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30 Days of Kink – Day 3

Day 3: How did you discover you were kinky?

I’m sure like many people, I first discovered kink on the internet of course.

I always loved reading and writing, especially romance novels. So naturally I stumbled upon a great site for amature writers to post their erotica etc. called Literotica. (I have a few stories posted on there). Browning through their categories I noticed BDSM. That was when I was about 15 and I had never heard of it before so I was curious. I clicked on it and read a few stories and instantly decided I liked it and that’s what I wanted in a relationship.

After that I kept doing more research on the internet and discovered new things. Fetlife opened up a lot of kinks to me as well.

Ever since that first click on the BDSM category though, I was completely hooked to kink, haven’t stopped thinking about it since haha.

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I am a spoiled babygirl 

I know I’m a spoiled babygirl!

My Daddy really does try to make me happy in almost every way possible. Some might thinking being in this type of relationship means it being all about your dominant/Daddy but it is just as much about you.

Just the other day Daddy & I were at the grocery store shopping for dinner stuff and we happened to be in the cold dairy isle and I spotted my favorite cookies! Those little sugar cookies with different holiday designs on them. As soon as I saw them I said, ‘oooh Daddy look bunnies! Can I get these?’ Daddy said he didn’t mind. That made me so happy. Spoiled little girls love getting what they want!

Then we were in the drink isle, and I  asked Daddy if I could get my favorite Apple juice. He said yes, to get it. J made sure to tell him thank you because I knew he was getting me the things that I wanted.

Daddy also said yes to going next door to the Irish pub to have a drink before goin g home and making dinner.

Daddy does a lot of things for me and I love him for taking such good care of me.

That is also the custom collar Daddy had made for me and surprised me with! I’m such a spoiled little girl.

My Daddy is the best 🙂

Sometimes Daddies can be Babies too…


There are days, every so often but they happen, where I can tell my Daddy needs to be held instead of me. Days where I can see the stress and lack of energy on his face. Day’s where I know he needs to be taken care of.

Last night Daddy came home, after a long day of work and a long drive home in traffic, and he found me in bed (probably looking at WordPress). He instantly got on the bed and laid his head on my tummy, looking for me to rub it i’m sure, so I did. I know he loves it when I rub his head, I know it comforts him. I knew Daddy was in one of those moods where he didn’t wanna be assertive with me, he just wanted me to help him relax.

As soon as Daddy laid his head on my tummy my inner little comes out and with that, what we like to call my ‘baby voice’. I could tell he wanted to be taken care of and I just had to call him ‘my little baby’, which he didn’t protest.

On our way to the grocery store that night, Daddy wanted me to drive, which I never do when i’m with him. I figured he was tired of driving after the hour to and from work that day etc., so I drove. During the drive, he laid his head on my shoulder again and we held hands. I love that he can be so manly and dominant most of the time, but then he has that soft side hidden until he lets his wall down and shows me it.

Daddy and I cuddled as best we could on the ten minute drive to the local grocery store, but before we made it I had to joke with him… I asked him if we were ‘switching’ now, if I was the one in charge now… He lifted his head off my shoulder and looked at me with that look Daddy gives me right before I get in trouble… Just to reassert his dominance, even in just a small way, he told to touch the ceiling of my car with the tip of my finger for the rest of the ride. I giggled, but I did it. My arm got tired but I kept the tip touching. I felt his control over me, the control that I gladly give Daddy.

Moral of the story… Sometimes Daddies need to be taken care of too, don’t neglect or reject that.

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30 Days of Kink – Day 2

Day 2: List your kinks.

Well like I said on Day 1, Daddy & I are into various aspects of DDLG, BDSM, D/s, & Domestic Discipline.

I would say we connect most with DDLG. He is my Daddy & I am his babygirl.

As far as listing what we’re into… It’s almost endless and we discover new things we want to try all the time, but I will try to list the major ones…

  • Toys: butt plugs, vibrators of sorts, nipple clamps, rope, collars, etc.
  • Punishments: spanking, corner time, etc.
  • Power exchange: my Daddy is always in charge.
  • Humiliation: (we won’t go into specifics haha but it has a lot to do with urine)
  • DDLG stuff: binkies, little girl outfits, stuffies, etc.

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    30 Days of Kink – Day 1

    Day 1: Dom, sub, switch? What parts of BDSM interest you? Give us an interesting in-depth definition of what that means to you. Basically define your kinky self.

    I’ve seen this on a few blogs and thought it mind be fun to try.

    Well I am, first and foremost, my Daddy’s babygirl. I think we would mostly identify as a DDLG couple (we’ve decided that strict Domestic Discipline  wasn’t for us). We use different aspects of BDSM, D/s, and Domestic Discipline in our relationship.

    We naturally started calling each other Daddy & babygirl when we first got together before we had heard of DDLG. We stumbled upon DDLG on tumblr and we instantly identified with it and took our relationship further into it.

    Ever since I stumbled upon BDSM on Literotica, I knew it’s what I wanted in a relationship. I knew I wanted the man to be in control and I be submissive to them. It just always seemed right to me to have a man in charge.

    I have never had a serious Kink relationship until I met my Daddy. We are very happy together and our Kink life continues to grow with each other. At first, I was afraid to tell him all the things I was into, but once we got more comfortable with each other we found that we liked the same things. We try different rope, toys, anal play, spanking, punishments, etc. We’ve explored a lot of new things together and continue to do so.

    I love my DDLG relationship with my Daddy!

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