Sometimes Daddies can be Babies too…


There are days, every so often but they happen, where I can tell my Daddy needs to be held instead of me. Days where I can see the stress and lack of energy on his face. Day’s where I know he needs to be taken care of.

Last night Daddy came home, after a long day of work and a long drive home in traffic, and he found me in bed (probably looking at WordPress). He instantly got on the bed and laid his head on my tummy, looking for me to rub it i’m sure, so I did. I know he loves it when I rub his head, I know it comforts him. I knew Daddy was in one of those moods where he didn’t wanna be assertive with me, he just wanted me to help him relax.

As soon as Daddy laid his head on my tummy my inner little comes out and with that, what we like to call my ‘baby voice’. I could tell he wanted to be taken care of and I just had to call him ‘my little baby’, which he didn’t protest.

On our way to the grocery store that night, Daddy wanted me to drive, which I never do when i’m with him. I figured he was tired of driving after the hour to and from work that day etc., so I drove. During the drive, he laid his head on my shoulder again and we held hands. I love that he can be so manly and dominant most of the time, but then he has that soft side hidden until he lets his wall down and shows me it.

Daddy and I cuddled as best we could on the ten minute drive to the local grocery store, but before we made it I had to joke with him… I asked him if we were ‘switching’ now, if I was the one in charge now… He lifted his head off my shoulder and looked at me with that look Daddy gives me right before I get in trouble… Just to reassert his dominance, even in just a small way, he told to touch the ceiling of my car with the tip of my finger for the rest of the ride. I giggled, but I did it. My arm got tired but I kept the tip touching. I felt his control over me, the control that I gladly give Daddy.

Moral of the story… Sometimes Daddies need to be taken care of too, don’t neglect or reject that.

Picture from tumblr.

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