I am a spoiled babygirl 

I know I’m a spoiled babygirl!

My Daddy really does try to make me happy in almost every way possible. Some might thinking being in this type of relationship means it being all about your dominant/Daddy but it is just as much about you.

Just the other day Daddy & I were at the grocery store shopping for dinner stuff and we happened to be in the cold dairy isle and I spotted my favorite cookies! Those little sugar cookies with different holiday designs on them. As soon as I saw them I said, ‘oooh Daddy look bunnies! Can I get these?’ Daddy said he didn’t mind. That made me so happy. Spoiled little girls love getting what they want!

Then we were in the drink isle, and I  asked Daddy if I could get my favorite Apple juice. He said yes, to get it. J made sure to tell him thank you because I knew he was getting me the things that I wanted.

Daddy also said yes to going next door to the Irish pub to have a drink before goin g home and making dinner.

Daddy does a lot of things for me and I love him for taking such good care of me.

That is also the custom collar Daddy had made for me and surprised me with! I’m such a spoiled little girl.

My Daddy is the best 🙂

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