Babygirl’s First Spanking

The first time I got my first ‘real’ spanking was just a couple weeks ago… 

I say ‘real’ because Daddy had spanked me a little here and there but nothing more than making my ass a shade brighter. 

On this particular occasion though we had started getting into a more Domestic Discipline relationship, we hadn’t fully committed yet though. He had given me a To Do List and I pretty much blatantly disregarded it. I have the most trouble trying to make it to the gym. Anyways, once I got home I knew I was in trouble. 

Daddy immediately took me into the bedroom and pulled my pants and panties down to my knees and bent me over the bed. He began swatting me with this stick he loves to punish me with. Daddy then started asking me questions like, “Do you care what you want?”. He was asking because he knows I’ve always struggled with my weight, nothing serious, just 40 lbs or so that I’ve gained back since moving across the country. Going to the gym and eating healthy is hard for me to commit to. Just a few months ago I lost 10 lbs and felt so much better, I gained it all back through the holidays though. By no means does Daddy tell me to lose weight for him, he always tells me he loves my sexy body, but he knows that I want to make a change. I love him for trying to help me. 

Back to the story… I’m bent over the bed getting spanked with Daddy’s special stick, my ass already red, when there’s a knock at the door…  He told me to wait in the corner with my pants and panties still down and not to move until he came back. I probably stood in that corner for half an hour while he conversated with his friend who had knocked at the door. It was so boring and incredibly hard to just stand there. I knew at that point he was serious about this punishment and wasn’t gonna let me off easy. Finally, Daddy’s friend left and he came back into the room. I was still standing there with my pants and panties down, now around my ankles, with my ass starting to welt up. 

Daddy bent me back over the bed and continued to give me swats on various parts of my ass at variated strengths. He was still asking me certain questions about why I hadn’t listened to him and myself and just go to the gym. He was making it very clear on why I was being punished. 

I took this spanking like a good girl. I wanted it. I knew I should be punished & I had never had a spanking that really got the point across that I should listen to my Daddy at all times. This spanking did it. Daddy spanked my ass for at least a half hour. My ass was so red and hot & the swats just kept coming. 

I had read stories of other submissives crying while being spanked but I had never come close to that. As Daddy, was spanking me and I whimpered louder and louder, I wondered where that point was for me. Where would I break down completely and the tears start flowing? After that 30 plus minutes of spanking, it happened. I started crying, actual tears and sobs. Daddy noticed, gave me a couple more light swats, then put me in his lap and held me. He wipped away my tears. 

I had taken that spanking just like a good little girl should. Normally, I would have protested, but I stayed bent over and took every swat he gave me. I knew I didn’t want to disobey Daddy again though. 

My ass was bright red when we went to bed that night. The next morning, it had been covered with dark purple bruises. When Daddy saw he seemed pleased with his handy work, which made me happy. My ass was sore that day, but got better gradually. I hoped I had learned my lesson.I was happy walking around with bruises on my ass no one knew was there but me and that my Daddy had given them to me.

I don’t think this is something me and Daddy plan on doing often. As far as the length of time he spanked me and getting to the point where I cry. I’m sure he will continue having fun spanking me though 😉

Sticking to Punishments…

The other day Daddy gave me a To Do List and I completed everything on it except going to the gym. I just didn’t have enough time and frankly, I just plain didn’t want to go. Well when Daddy and I finally got to bed that night he started to punish me for not going to the gym. He had me bent over the bend and was spanking me with the paddle he usually uses and I just wasn’t into it. I didn’t wanna be spanked that night so after a few swats I stood up and said that I didn’t want to continue. He bent me back over and gave me a few more and again I protested. He said fine and stopped and we went to bed. I should have been a good girl and not protested, I felt bad afterwards, knowing I deserved punishment and didn’t take it.

I think part of it was that it was late, we were both tired and ready for bed, and we both had long days. I didn’t feel like getting spanked and he didn’t feel like spanking me, especially since I was protesting.

How do other couples handle punishment time? Do other couples ever have this problem? How do you find the time to keep up with the lifestyle?

Comments welcome & wanted 🙂

Sweet Nothing’s

Yesterday Daddy gave me my daily to do list and it was much different than I ever thought it would be.

  1. Text both your parents something nice. Like ‘I love you’ or ‘have a good day’.
  2. Write three goals you want to accomplish within a year & two goals you’d like to accomplish within 3 to 5 years.
  3. Lastly, text Daddy every hour something nice and sweet until I get off work.

This all kinda surprised me because when I thought about Domestic Discipline, I thought most tasks he would give me would take a lot of effort and time. These simple tasks though didn’t take much time, but they took a lot of thought. I am not always the nicest person so it was definitely a good exercise for me to do. The response I got from both my parents made me really happy and glad I had texted them, and made me realize I should send them more texts like that. Thinking about my goals made me realize that maybe I should think harder about what I want for my future. I felt good texting Daddy something sweet every hour to show him how much I appreciate him because maybe I don’t say those things enough.

Anyhow, this to do list wasn’t typical, and I think that’s what made it great. I think it’s good to switch it up, kinda gives me a break from the to do lists that take me most of the day. It also showed me how thoughtful my Daddy really is. He can be such a nice person & this to do list he gave me proved it.

I would recommend switching it up in your DD relationship. Try to be more thoughtful 🙂

Let’s Talk About It!

Let’s talk about the question you’ve all been wondering… why choose this lifestyle?

Among the many reasons there are just a few that helped us make our decision.

I’ll start from the beginning though… Like I’ve mentioned before we have always involved various parts of kink in our relationship whether it be rope, light spanking, etc. We have discovered many things on the internet throughout our relationship that has made us progress further. Sometimes he would give me commands, mostly in the bedroom, and I would listen (for the most part hehe). Our Daddy/babygirl relationship happened very naturally. It was meant for us, in a way that it hardly felt odd, even from the beginning. I think our 10 year age difference helped solidify that relationship.

Recently though, I had seen some articles/blogs about domestic discipline (not christian DD though), and it happened to be something that interested me. I showed my Daddy and he became interested as well. He did some research and on Valentine’s Day he showed me this article. This article contains writing from a wife who started a domestic discipline relationship with her husband. The main point to this article is to talk about a so called ‘boot camp’ to start and allow the both to get used to such relationships. Me and my Daddy talked about it and we didn’t want to make anything super official with a  label and all, like a ‘contract’. So we decided just a verbal agreement would be best for us. This was just a few days ago and things have been going well. He gives me a few tasks each day and I complete those tasks whether if it’s something I would like to do or not.

I chose to submit to my Daddy because I was having trouble getting motivated to do anything at all besides work. On my days off I would be lazy and do absolutely nothing, and at the end of the day I was not happy with myself at all and would actually feel depressed. Maybe I was. I had goals I wanted to accomplish like losing weight, or maybe I just wanted to do laundry that day, but I just couldn’t make myself do it for some reason. This is a large part of why I wanted to commit to this lifestyle. I have been feeling a lot better now that everyday I have been accomplishing tasks and making my life better, thanks to Daddy. Another reason why I submit to my Daddy, is to make him happy. I know it makes him happy when I am a good girl and do as he says. I have been stubborn throughout our entire one year relationship, and that has definitely cause us many problems. Now we have been arguing less and we have both been much happier. I love to get his call or text in the morning telling me what I need to be doing that day.

Many of you may not understand and may even think this relationship is wrong. To us though, it isn’t at all and it’s something we enjoy. Often his tasks aren’t for him, they are usually for me. Things I’ve been wanting to get done, like cleaning the house or cleaning my car. Most of the tasks Daddy gives me are meant to help me improve my life. Just yesterday he had me write 20 sentences, to practice my calligraphy, saying ‘I Am A Beautiful Princess’. I smiled most of the time while writing these sentences because I know Daddy truly thinks that about me.

People may think this lifestyle all has to do with sex, but it doesn’t at all. I’ve actually discovered that it has a lot less to do with sex than I thought. Yes, I do as he tells me in the bedroom but it’s not his main focus when he’s giving me rules or tasks.

Another thought that may trouble some is respect. My Daddy completely respects me in all ways. He ALWAYS opens the car door for me or if i’m thirsty in the middle of the night he’ll get up and get me something to drink. He is a gentleman to me and always treats me with respect. This has made it a lot easier for me to do as he says, because I know he isn’t downgrading me in any way. This commitment has also made me a lot more respectful towards him. I lacked in that department somewhat before. Now I don’t argue with him or reply to him with sass (as much) and I think that has helped our relationship.

I love that my Daddy is so committed to me that he is willing to spend time out of his day to make sure I did what I needed to do to be a successful person in life. I’ll have to get him to do some type of interview to get his points of view on why he enjoys this lifestyle as well.

I have always thought that the man should be in charge in the relationship, sort of like 1950’s household, but I am a very stubborn young lady and never thought that was something I could do. I found the right man for the job. Daddy puts me in my place, in a good way. I could never imagine having this relationship with anybody else, nor would I want to. By NO means am I saying we are some kind of experts at this, I mean we committed to this just a week ago, but I am liking it so far and plan on sticking to it as long as he willing to as well.

I think it has made both of us happier & I would recommend anyone thinking about it to try it 🙂

The Beginning…

Day 1 of my commitment of submission to my Daddy… He gave me three simple tasks I had to complete while he was at work & I had the day off.

  1. Do three sets of exercises. Which included burpees, mountain climbers, planks, & squats. As well as eat healthy.
  2. Practice calligraphy using the tools Daddy got me for Valentine’s Day. Practice different fonts with different tools.
  3. Lastly, write 10 sentences in a font of my choice that says ‘Daddy Knows Best’

I made sure to complete these tasks when normally I probably would of half assed accomplished them or ignored them all together. I made sure to remind myself that I was making a commitment to the man I love and that I know he will be happy if I do as I’m told. That, and I didn’t wanna be punished. That was the first time I had actually completed my tasks as told & I was very happy with myself. Instead of lying in bed all day on my day off I actually accomplished something. Daddy was very happy as well 🙂


As my first post, I thought I should introduce us just a little. We have been together for a little over a year now and I still feel just as in love with him as I did in the beginning. I haven’t wanted to take my eyes off him since the first time I met him. He’s a bit older than me… Him being 32 and me being 23. I think this helped in the dynamic that developed between us.

Yes, he does call me babygirl & I do refer to him as Daddy. I shouldn’t even have to say this but I feel I should, our names for each other have nothing to do with incest.

I also should come right out and say that this is a blog mostly containing stories and adventures between the two of us involving DDLG, BDSM, & Domestic Discipline (all with consent). I will share our regular ‘day to day’ activities on occasion. Some parts our lives shall remain a secret however. We have always had kink in our sex life but the longer we are together and the more we keep discovering, we find ourselves diving deeper into the roles we are taking on.

This blog will contain the tales of our everyday kink filled lives. I mostly wanted to start writing this blog because I found other blogs that contain this content & thought those to be very interesting and helpful and would love to see more as well as tell my own stories. I hope others find them useful and entertaining as well.

When we first got together we knew right away that we were into the ‘odd’ stuff as some would call it, but it was so normal to us. We have always included different aspects of kink but recently I stumbled upon Domestic Discipline and it is something that has interested us both.  He has given me some orders here and there that I rarely take seriously due to not completely accepting and submitting. This non compliance also got me my first ‘real’ punishment spanking. That’s another story though… So recently we have been doing some internet searching and stumbled upon some articles and we have decided to commit to this way of life in sorts. No official ‘contracts’ of any kind but just a verbal recognition that I am going to follow my Daddy’s rules and commands from now on or I will be punished.

Anyhow, that is the beginning of this blog and our story & I can’t wait to tell you more!