Love Jar ♥


Last year on my Daddy’s birthday I gave him what I call a ‘Love Jar’. It has all our memories for that year written down on colorful little note papers. Each time we create a happy memory, no matter how small, we write it down and add it to the jar. We even add things like tickets to different things we’ve attended or the little shark teeth we’ve found on the beach. Daddy always finds me shark teeth!

Every so often, mostly on special occasions, Daddy and I read over our good memories we’ve had so far. It makes us laugh and never let’s us forget all the amazing times we’ve shared together.

On New Years this year we read through all our memories from 2016 and it made us both very happy. This year on Valentine’s Day I gave Daddy a new jar with a sparkly little heart on it with notes of our memories we’ve already had in the year 2017.

I think this is a really cute way to remember all the happy memories throughout the years because we know how easy it is to forget the little things. I recommend this for other couples 🙂